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Ah-Keisha is an award-winning playwright/songwriter, stage director, filmmaker, media-maker and creative arts educator. She is passionate about literacy as an intersectional and multicultural phenomenon influenced by an increasingly digital world in complicated ways. At 19 years-old, she made her NYC Off-Off Broadway debut through her interactive poetic play, Cafe Millennium. The play tackled the emergence of digital technology by highlighting the complexities of human relationships, within and outside of the individual while in community. 

Ah-Keisha is a professor for the City University of New York's (CUNY) School of Professional Studies, Masters in Applied Theatre program. Ah-Keisha's writing has been published in Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Specter Magazine, and For Harriet. As a Theatre, Media Arts and Literacy educator, she's led workshops for students across many demographics including K-12, college, non-profit organizations, and mental health and rehabilitation centers. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, and an M.S.Ed in Reading, Writing and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania.



Native New Yorker Greg (born September 4, 1953 in Queens, NY) has spent the majority of his 20-plus year career as a highly successful Graphic Artist and Print Production Manager for numerous award winning NY advertising agencies specializing in entertainment, real estate, education and healthcare. 


Greg's musical and artistic creativity was encouraged at an early age - earning admission to the prestigious High School of Music and Art in Manhattan from 1968 - 1971. He vividly remembers those years as some of the most profound in the course of American history – witnessing many momentous events that contributed to his personal development and achievements. It was during these years that the concepts of social and historical responsibility were born, and continue to this day.   After graduating from the State University of New York as an Advertising Art & Design major in 1973, Greg soon established himself in the NYC world of advertising creating award winning print ads for major Hollywood motion picture studios. As manager, Mickens was in a position to hire and mentor several talented African American artists who have since cultivated successful careers of their own. It was during this time that a friendship with fellow creative artist Reed R. McCants was born. 


Currently, Greg works as a freelance graphic artist in New York City and is a proud contributing writer for Black History Mini Docs. Compiling information from a variety of sources, his biographical narratives are designed to entertain, enlighten and inform while educating about the lives of pioneering African Americans (past and present) who effected a positive change in our cultural climate. "It is important to show a side of the African American experience not portrayed in today's media. With such excessive negativity emphasized, it is imperative to present the positive aspects in all ways possible. Many of our forefathers remain unknown to a great many individuals. We cannot rely on outside sources for this information – we must provide it ourselves. Contributing to Black History Mini Docs is a tremendously rewarding experience – with the goal to educate, motivate and inspire an entirely new and unique audience."


If you have 90 seconds then you have enough time to watch Black History Mini Docs Presented by Legendary Producer-Director Neema Barnette (Civil Brand, Women thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day, Queen Sugar) 

This is a fast and entertaining way to educate young and old about the contributions of Blacks in American history. Think of it as "Cliff Notes" for the digital age.   Barnette teams up with her husband Reed R. McCants (Cuttin’ Da Mustard, King Of Stage), also an award winning filmmaker who brings his unique style of storytelling to chronicle the many contributions and achievements of African-Americans throughout history.

The series features the stories of great heroes and she-roes like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Thurgood Marshall, Madam CJ Walker, James Baldwin and Malcolm X along with great living legends like  Angela Davis and Harry Belafonte. Famous contemporaries like Tupac Shakur will also be included as well as everyday un-sung heroes in the Black community who have devoted their life’s work to upholding the race and giving back. BHMDs is designed as a crash course in Black history. It meets the demands of our fast paced digital age, by using quick cuts and the cinematic savvy of music videos and movie trailers.

Designed for easy access, the series is available on smart phones, tablets, computers and presentations through any media outlet.  Black History Mini Docs are commercials for OUR REAL HISTORY. Later sets will include: Writers, Actors, Producers, Novelists, Playwrights, Journalists, Politicians, Activists, Freedom Fighters, Musicians, Composers, Scientists, Inventors and Unsung Heroes whose work and sacrifice deserve tribute.  Thank you!


Music for Black History Mini Docs

JRVICTORIES is a Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist who started as a street musician and has performed in venues around the Philadelphia area. His music has appeared in the short film Greenhouse. Hear more of JRVICTORIES at http://jrvictories.bandcamp.com!


Narrator for Black History Mini Docs


Narrator for Black History Mini Docs

Ron Bobb-Semple has moved audiences around the world with his brilliant one-man show, The Spirit of Marcus Garvey. As Michael Reckord wrote in the Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper, “The words ‘show’ and ‘performance’ do not do justice to the actor’s portrayal of our National Hero. As we watched, Bobb-Semple seemed to become Garvey.” 


Writer, Producer

As C.E.O. & founder of Feared Voices LLC. Hendrix leads the corporate strategy, drives product direction and positioning and is responsible for overall operations of the company. Prior to founding Feared Voices LLC Hendrix founded Magnetic Management LLC an entertainment management company. After working with Reed McCants for the web series 40 & Leroy Crazy in New York and joining the Live Theater Gang family Hendrix was brought on board by McCants to become a producer and writer for Black History Mini Docs the rest is history. Hendrix is a well regarded entrepreneur who is on the rise and making strides to becoming one of the future leaders of tomorrow.

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